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21Vianet Enterprise Cloud, TalkingData, Qiniu Cloud, 360 Finance, Qingyuan Cloud and BingoCloud join the OpenMessaging Project

We are excited to announce 6 new members to the OpenMessaging project: 21Vianet Enterprise Cloud, TalkingData, Qiniu Cloud, 360 Finance, Qingyuan Cloud and BingoCloud. With the new members, OpenMessaging community has 22 corporate members now.

OpenMessaging is a standards project for messaging and streaming technology. Messaging and Streaming products have been widely used in modern architecture and data processing, for decoupling, queuing, buffering, ordering, replicating, etc. But when data transfers across different messaging and streaming platforms, compatibility problems arise, which always means much additional work. The OpenMessaging community looks to eliminate these challenges through creating a global, cloud-oriented, vendor-neutral industry standard for distributed messaging.

21Vianet Enterprise Cloud, operated by 21Vianet Group, provides Private Cloud service and Hybrid Cloud service. 21Vianet Group, Inc. is a leading carrier-neutral Internet data center services provider in China. 21Vianet provides hosting and related services, cloud services, and business VPN services, improving the reliability. 21Vianet operates in more than 30 cities throughout China, servicing a diversified and loyal base of nearly 5,000 hosting enterprise customers that span numerous industries ranging from Internet companies to government entities and blue-chip enterprises to small- to mid-sized enterprises. “We are the team focusing on cloud computing solutions. We have always been involved in open source. ” said Yanfeng Ma, the lead of cloud computing solutions team, “We hope to become a member of OpenMessaging project to share new thing for my team and will promote the standardization and future development of OpenMessaging from our effort.”

Founded in 2011, TalkingData is China’s leading third-party data intelligence solution provider. With SmartDP as the core of its data intelligence application ecosystem, TalkingData empowers enterprises and helps them achieve a data-driven digital transformation. “As we started to use different messaging and streaming products, we noticed that these solutions were not cloud native and language agnostics, creating major problems for those that are looking to implement digital transformation” said Ji Ma, the R&D VP in TalkingData, “We are glad to help with the development of the technical standards like OpenMessaging.”

Qiniu Cloud is affiliated to Shanghai Qiniu Information Technology Company, LLC. Qiniu, the leading enterprise cloud service supplier in China, specializes in the research, development and operation of cloud computing service focusing on data management. We have launched products for rich media, including object storage, integrated CDN accelerating, container-based computing cloud, big data platform and AI platform, and offered one-stop solution to video cloud as well. Qiniu has so far led the domestic cloud computing industry and supplied services to more than 700,000 enterprises in order to help enterprises quickly get their own clouds and create larger business value. “On Qiniu Container Engine platform, we have built container-based message-queueing service with RabbitMQ, running on Kubernetes with free maintenance. The integration with our MQ service and other open source solutions such as Apache RocketMQ and Apache Kafka is in the works, which brings us expensive learning and maintenance cost for there is too many different alternatives offered in MQ area. “ said Peiyu Lin, who is responsible for architecting and developing for message queue service in Qiniu applications, “The roadmap given by OpenMessaging is what we exactly expected. We hope to cooperate with the OpenMessaging community to benefit both parties.”

360 Finance, Inc. is a leading digital consumer finance platform and the finance partner of the 360 Group connecting over one billion accumulated mobile devices. The Company provides tailored online consumer finance products to prime, underserved borrowers funded primarily by its funding partners. transaction lifecycle from credit application through settlement. “360 Finance’s core product is an affordable, unsecured, digital line of credit which borrowers typically utilize for consumption spending and often as a supplement to credit card debt. We currently use a lot of open source technologies from various communities, including message middleware.”said Weiwei Xiao, the lead of Middleware team of 360 Finance, “We hope to participate in community communication and construction, and grow with the OpenMessaging.”

Qingyuan Tech. Corp. is a leading PaaS vendor based in Beijing. CyberSquare (TM) is new generation platform of QingYuan Tech. Corpornation, which creatively integrates the open source orchestration- Kubernetes into Openstack system with latest version, and publishes the Private Cloud Data Center Operating System providing VM and container composite service and cross-platforms ability. “During the R&D of QingYuan cloud platform, QingYuan needs to cope with high availability and high concurrency issue. MQ is one of the key components in QingYuan’s platform to resolve those problems.” said Aixion Li, the director of MQ team at Qingyuan, “QingYuan has rich practices in MQ, such as RocketMQ, Kafka, Rabbit MQ and NATS. Also QingYuan technique team has some in-depth thinking for MQ. So we would like to join OpenMessaging alliance in order to communicate and make some contribution to alliance.”

Founded in 2003, Bingosoft Co., Ltd. opened its business by customizing large-scale application software along with delivering software products, solutions and consulting services. In 2006, we were appointed to host one of the Microsoft Technology Centers (later Microsoft Innovation Center) based on a memo between Microsoft and Chinese government. Benefit from in-depth business and long-term cooperative relationship with customers from multiple large industries like telecom, great partners like Microsoft and IBM, BingoSoft has been accumulating rich experiences and best practices of industrial IT solutions. “More and more enterprise applications are based on message-driven, micro-service application master data synchronization also requires a message mechanism to achieve lower latency.” said Qiang Li, development lead of PaaS, DevOps product at Bingosoft, “We are looking forward to apply our experience to message-driven architecture”

As an effort to standardize distributed messaging and streaming systems, OpenMessaging is committed to embracing an open, collaborative, intelligent, and cloud-native era with all its community members. To learn more about OpenMessaging and to join the OpenMessaging community, visit