February 11, 2019 / by The Linux Foundation / In news

JD Cloud, Iflytek and VIPKid join the OpenMessaging Project

Today, the OpenMessaging Project — a collaborative project focusing on creating a vendor-neutral open standard for distributed messaging — announced three new members JD Cloud, Iflytek and VIPKid. With the new members, OpenMessaging community has 16 corporate members now.

The acceleration of microservice-based and cloud-based applications has put a growing focus on how data is connected to services, applications, and users. This focus has led to a number of new innovations and new products that support messaging and queuing needs. The goal of the OpenMessaging Project is to build out an industry standard, cloud oriented, and vendor neutral open standard for distributed messaging.

JD Cloud is JD.com’s full-service cloud computing platform and integrated cloud service provider. It houses the world’s leading technologies and a wealth of cloud computing solutions, offering full stack services encompassing IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. It also provides full spectrum services from IDC and cloud computing services to integrated offerings and services spanning several industries. Covering all 4 Public, Private, Hybrid and Proprietary Cloud scenarios, JD Cloud delivers a comprehensive range of cloud computing services including infrastructure building, strategic consulting, and business platforms development and operation. “The JD Cloud Message Queue’s goal just coincides with OpenMassaging’s, which is to develop heterogeneous messaging applications across all major platforms and operating systems, ” said Jiyuan Tian, the leader of Messaging Middleware at the JD Cloud Product Research & Develope Department. “If more and more message queue products join OpenMessaging and follow its message protocol, it will provide the convenience for users to shift to different message queue products and platforms with fewer code changes. It also helps users shift to JD Cloud Message Queue from other platforms and products.”

Iflytek Co.,Ltd., founded in 1999, represents the international advanced level in speech synthesis, speech recognition, spoken language evaluation, language translation, voice pattern recognition, face recognition, natural language processing and other intelligent speech and artificial intelligence core technologies. “Our company uses a variety of message queues, which is expensive to use. We hope to have a set of unified standards,” said Zhijie Luo, who is responsible for message queue service in cloud computing research institute of Iflytek. “The goal of the OpenMessaging project is just what we seek from the messaging industry.”

As an effort to standardize distributed messaging and streaming systems, OpenMessaging is committed to embracing an open, collaborative, intelligent and cloud-native era with all its community members.

VIPKid connects teachers in the US and Canada with children throughout China and 63 countries around the world for real-time English immersion learning online. VIPKid now serves a community of well over 500,000 students and over 60,000 teachers in the US and Canada. Recently, VIPKid announced plans to offer services to children in 100 countries in the next three years.

“Joining OpenMessaging will begin the implementation of the OpenMessaging standard for the VIPKID multi-cloud and multi-message queue service. It can also help OpenMessaging better develop and better serve online education and achieve a win-win scenario,” said Francis Lee, the lead of the message queue service in VIPKID. “VIPKID’s technical strength has risen with its rapid development. It aims to contribute back to and lend more effort to the open source community. ”

We are glad to see the community of OpenMessaging keeps growing as more and more companies recognize the great value of a vendor neutral open messaging standard for the cloud-native era.