January 17, 2019 / by The Linux Foundation / In news

Yahoo! JAPAN and EMQ X Join the OpenMessaging Project

We are excited to announce two new members to the OpenMessaging project: Yahoo! JAPAN, one of the largest portal sites in Japan, and EMQ X, one of the most popular MQTT message middleware vendors. Yahoo! JAPAN and EMQ X join Alibaba, JD.com, China Mobile Cloud, Qing Cloud, and other community members to form a standards community with 13 corporation members.

OpenMessaging is a standards project for messaging and streaming technology. Messaging and Streaming products have been widely used in modern architecture and data processing, for decoupling, queuing, buffering, ordering, replicating, etc. But when data transfers across different messaging and streaming platforms, compatibility problems arise, which always means much additional work. The OpenMessaging community looks to eliminate these challenges through creating a global, cloud-oriented, vendor-neutral industry standard for distributed messaging.

Yahoo! JAPAN, operated by Yahoo Japan Corporation, is one of the largest portal site in Japan. Under the mission to be a “Problem-Solving Engine,” Yahoo Japan Corporation is committed in solving the problems of the people and society leveraging the power of information technologies. The company uses various messaging systems (e.g., Apache Pulsar, Apache Kafka and RabbitMQ) to create its services and is creating a centralized pub-sub messaging platform that deals with a vast number of service/application traffics.

“Yahoo Japan Corporation uses various messaging systems (e.g., Apache Pulsar, Apache Kafka and RabbitMQ) to create its services. However, differences in messaging interfaces make the whole system complicated and lead to extra costs in implementation and in studying each system. Thus, we need a standardized and unified interface that can be easily implemented and easily collaborated with other services.” said Nozomi Kurihara, the Manager of the Messaging Platform team in Yahoo Japan Corporation. “We think OpenMessaging is the key in achieving our “multi big data” system in which data can be cross-used among different services/applications we provide.”

Originated from a GitHub open source IoT project starting from 2012, EMQ X has become one of the most popular MQTT message middleware in community. EMQ X is based on the Erlang/OTP platform, which can support 10 million concurrent MQTT connections with high throughput and low latency. EMQ X now has 500k downloads, and 5000+ customer users in 50 countries and regions around the world, such as China, United States, Australia, British, and India.

“Our customers cover different industries, such as financial, IoV, telecom, smart home. We also partnered with Fortune 500 companies, such as HPE, Ericsson, VMware, to provide professional IoT solutions to customers around the world. OpenMessaging is vendor-neutral and language-independent, provides industry guidelines for areas of finance, e-commerce, IoT and Big Data, and aimed to develop messaging and streaming applications across heterogeneous systems and platforms.” said Feng Lee, Co-founder of EMQ X. “We’re glad to join OpenMessaging.”

As an effort to standardize distributed messaging and streaming systems, OpenMessaging is committed to embracing an open, collaborative, intelligent, and cloud-native era with all its community members.