Contribution guidelines for OpenMessaging

We welcome contributions to all the repositories in OpenMessaging organization. OpenMessaging, please fork the repositories and start submiting pull requests.

OpenMessaging Specification

The specification repository is the place to maintain OpenMessaging specification, related documentations, and so on.

OpenMessaging Ecosystem

OpenMessaging would develop three kinds of ecosystem, to integrate different cloud platforms, big data/streaming communities, and other traditional software suites, please refer to Ecosystem

  • Appender, to collect log data from log4j, log4j2, logback, etc

  • Connector, to connect distributed systems with beam, flink, fluentd, spark, etc

  • Replicator, to integrate different kinds of database, like mysql, hbase, redis, etc

OpenMessaging Multi-Language APIs

OpenMessaging would provide standard APIs for mainstream languages, we also welcome contributions to these APIs or implementation in your community.

OpenMessaging Benchmark

The OpenMessaging Benchmark Framework is a suite of tools that make it easy to benchmark distributed messaging systems in the cloud. The goal of the OpenMessaging Benchmark Framework is to provide benchmarking suites for an ever-expanding variety of messaging platforms and build a DB-Engines like comprehensive evaluation standard. Please refer to openMessaging-benchmark