OpenMessaging Community

Effective : September 11, 2018

Welcome to the OpenMessaging community. As an open source project, participation in OpenMessaging is open to all, whether you are an employee of OpenMessaging member company or just passionate about distribute messaging. The best way to evaluate, learn, contribute, and influence the direction of the project is to participate. There are many ways for you to contribute to promote the OpenMessaging development and landing.


Start on the OpenMessaging Wiki and read the Joining the Community page. Next, read up on projects of interest, review relevant presentations, and sign up for OpenMessaging mailing lists. You can attend project calls and the regular TSC meetings.Read the Getting Started documentation and follow the instructions there to download the code and necessary developer tools.


Alibaba, Didi,Yahoo,Streamlio,Webank,Datapipeline have been involved in OpenMessaging. OpenMessaging integrates the governance of participating projects in order to improve operational efficiencies and simplify member engagement.

End Users

The End User perspective is extremely important in designing and delivering a platform that meets the needs of end user organizations. OpenMessaging was founded by 4 leading end user organizations(Alibaba,Didi,Yahoo,Streamlio),and end user organizations continue to be heavily represented within the OpenMessaging membership.